I am a Registered Nurse with my Master’s degree in Counseling, certifications in Mediation and several Communication Skills Trainer programs, and decades of experience as a Yoga, Bodywork, and Dance instructor; I have over 35 years in holistic health. I offer professional and personal training, stress management, counseling for individuals and couples, and conflict resolution.

My background blend of coaching, communication, nursing, bodywork, mediation, meditation, teaching, and lifelong esoteric studies gives me, I believe, a unique perspective that can offer you deep, holistic understanding and tools, with a very practical rootedness.

My goal is to help you heal, and to understand yourself and your experience more healingly; I offer skilled empathy, and educated, agenda-free feedback and care. Complete respect, safety and confidentiality are always assured. I am very LGBTQ comfy.

Please contact me for a free initial phone consultation or follow these links for more information on testimonials or  scheduling and fees.