my officeI work in my home; here’s a pic of my “office” :).

My counseling style
is based on my belief that we are all naturally kind, loving, cooperative, intelligent and energetic, and that our pain and distress gets in the way of our acting out these truths. I believe that we have our own answers, and that counseling can help us get through the distress to access these answers. I believe that every one of us would improve our lives by engaging in periodic counseling, throughout our lifespan; that it is an activity that speaks of mental wellness, not mental illness.

My methods may include encouraging the use of emotional discharge, imaginative options-hunting, role-testing, and the recognition of patterned, nonfunctional thinking and behaviors, as appropriate to and welcomed by the individual client. I may draw as well upon my backgrounds in yoga, meditation, nutrition and movement. I sometimes find exploration of the past useful: our histories often hold important keys to both understanding the present, and to better creation of our futures. In addition to the ten traditional systems examined in my graduate counseling work, my studies with Transpersonal Psychology, the Enneagram, Re-evaluation Counseling (RC, Co-counseling), and the chakra-based Berkeley Psychic Institute systems have been influential for me. Most importantly, my study and practice of  Nonviolent Communication (NVC/ Compassionate Communication) has been pivotal. I offer many trainings in NVC / CC, and encourage almost every client to attend one of my workshops. I am LGTBQ super-comfy. Serving as a bridge for others between the traditional and the “alternative” has been a lifelong pleasure and privilege for me.

A recent development in personal culture is the emergence of Life Coaching; I see it as a subset of counseling. The focus in coaching is simply limited to the present and future, with the past left out of the discussion; I am happy to provide that. I feel that my depth of training can offer a rich and integrated vision in coaching.

My goal is to help you see and understand yourself and your experience of life more healingly, to find more peace and happiness, and to offer educated and agenda-free feedback about what you bring in as your issues. I strive to model complete respect and self-responsibility, and of course, safety and confidentiality are totally assured.