couple sculpture

  • Exploring new depths, communicating well, enjoying the personality dance, being truly present with each other;
  • Physical and subtle intimacy, hearing each other’s journeys, giving and receiving;
  • Making new friends and allies in the group, strengthening identities as individuals and as couples;
  • Meaningful fun, expanding the adventure of partnership, taking personal growth tools into your relationship 

    If any of this sounds good to you, you are going to love being in this workshop!WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR?

  • Perhaps you and your partner are getting along wonderfully,  and you’re  just open to new ideas and inspirations in your life together
  • Or, maybe  you’re not always happy with how you communicate , and can see where some new skills would be helpful
  • Maybe you’ve been studying Compassionate Communication (NVC, Nonviolent Communication) already, but feel frustrated about how to apply it in real life with  your closest relationship

This weekend will center on the Compassionate Communication method, a world-renowned  transformational model of connecting with self and others for personal growth, conflict resolution and relationship healing. In addition, we will incorporate meditation, playful contact, deep relaxation techniques, and other holistic practices. The intention is to bring you an opportunity for a deeply nourishing, connecting, and rejuvenating experience. LGBTQ comfy. I hope you’ll join us!

Please note the “FREE PEEK” seminar for couples that often precedes this weekend. Please contact me to see if the next workshop has been scheduled, or to be put on a notifications list.

PRESENTED BY :  Tina Taylor, RN, MS
COST: Early Bird: $325 / couple or $350/ couple after Midnight, the Friday before the event.

REGISTRATION: Call Tina at 541-753-2255, or email I offer this workshop only twice a year, so sign up early!! As enrollment is limited to only 4 couples, I request prepayment with registration. To make a credit or debit card payment securely through PayPal, please use the link below, selecting the appropriate option. Payments by check are also accepted; please mail to the address listed on my Contact page, and thank you.

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