IMG_2083My offerings for Somatics include
– Relaxation Massage
(Swedish, pressure point)
– Yoga Instruction
(Restorative, Nidra, Hatha)
– Movement Instruction 
(Contact Improvisation, Constatic Fusion)

I am in private practice as a Registered Nurse. Nursing care is intrinsically holistic, and so is stress. Whether something affects us first in the body, heart, mind or spirit, it will eventually affect us in all these levels of ourselves; the best solutions are therefore going to also be whole-self. Bodywork with me is a focus on reducing the physical effects of your stressors, along with the awareness of your whole self being included.

If you like, both bodywork and counseling sessions can be combined for you in your personal care plan, which we develop together during your intake session. Clients are also welcome to come in for only bodywork, or only counseling. Please see Scheduling and Fees for that info.

Relaxation Massage is done on a standard massage table, in a lovely private room. You may leave on whatever clothing you want to; I can work with it. Your direction and feedback are welcome, and your comfort and safety are top priority.

Yoga Instruction is based on my several decades of experience; most recently, I taught for nine years at a popular local gym. Restorative is for opening and deep rejuvenation; Nidra is the science of profound relaxation; Ananda and Satyananda are the Hatha schools I studied with. Strengthening, cleansing and refreshing are on the menu. Currently offering only private instruction. Hear my free Yoga Nidra session here.

Contact Improvisation Dance is a very unique movement art. It is not about steps or following music; it is more about meditating with a practice partner, staying centered, being present. It offers an experience of connection and oneness that is independent of personal relationship. I recommend it for our touch-hunger, loneliness, and scatteredness; it’s very grounding and physical. It is also an excellent practice for couples to deepen connection. Constatic Fusion is a blend of CI and Ecstatic Dance, a freeform, music-driven consciousness practice; the most fun I personally know how to have! Private instruction available, or click here for Group Class Schedule


Seeing, not seeing.