-The Center for Nonviolent Communication:, the national organization.
-The Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication:, for local connections and events.

-YouTube videos are plentiful (click on the underlined words): try this 10-minute one, or this 1-hour one, or this 3-hour one  (all of the master, Marshall Rosenberg), or others you’ll find listed there.

-Another YouTube NVC teacher I like is the adorably Dutch-accented Marianne van Djik, on her channel called Cup Of Empathy. She offers mostly quick-tip lessons, despite frequently needing to manage her fabulous head of hair:

-The book you’ll want to read:  Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, by Marshall Rosenberg. There is also a companion workbook for self- or group study, by Lucy Leu. Available at libraries and bookstores, or the publisher, Puddledancer Press. There is a newer 3rd Edition of both, with new material added to the old version.

-Weekly free email lessons from NVC trainer and Portland, Oregon counselor LaShelle Lowe-Charde can be subscribed to here; called “Gems”, they are great little tidbits of how to walk the talk. Extra wonderful: the archive of thousands of published Gems can be searched by key words! (E.g., anger, jealousy, celebration, etc.)

– A hilarious 2-minute video on YouTube about empathy and not-empathy that I show at all my classes, called “It’s Not About The Nail”, by Jason Headley.


For information about the free mediation offered by the agency I have volunteered for, please see


The jam space in Corvallis is at Downtown Dance studio, There is a  Facebook page at Corvallis Contact Improv

Contact QuarterlyA magazine on CI and related topics.


Swami Beyondanandas site ~ always amusing!


Hatha (physical) Yoga classes online: My fabulous favorite  go-to is Yoga With Adriene! She is an excellent teacher, has a great sense of humor, and it’s all free! Go here:

The Expanding Light: Ananda’s Spiritual Retreat for Yoga, Meditation & Health — Where I have taken much of my yoga teacher training over the years, and a great place for personal retreats and workshops!


My moment as a Oregon Snow Bird:  I spent the winter of 2009-2010 exploring the Mediterranean, from Greece to Spain, over a five-month wander. If you’d like to read about it, I posted entries on my blog, found here:  Tina’s Travel Blog .  Friends, family, students, clients, total strangers ~~ It’s for you, and you’re all welcome to read, and to comment back!  Enjoy!