Personal Consulting Work (Individuals and Couples)

All personal work begins with a free 20-minute telephone consultation, either when you first call or at a time we then arrange. This is to screen each other as appropriate for meeting our personal and/or professional goals. I will clarify that I do not take insurance, and do not monitor or prescribe medications; also that my services are not intended to replace medical care or psychotherapy.


Your first appointment  will then be a 90-minute intake session.  The intake forms can be sent to you via email to fill out ahead of time; you then simply print out at home, fill in by hand, and bring them with you to your intake appointment. (Mailing paper copy is available if needed.) After the initial intake session, it is totally up to you how frequently you want to session with me, and how long you would like each session to be (60 to 120 minutes, in increments of 15 minutes). This differs from many others’ policies. Sometimes it’s just not a good moment to “hold that thought”!

For couples, I am happy to work with you in a combination of individual and couple sessions, of your choosing; this also differs from many others. I do not “take sides”, but rather work with you both for clarity, communication and connection. 

Consulting Session fees:
60 minute $100
90 minute $150
2 hour $200
Increments of 15 minutes will each be charged $25
Gift Certificates are available (including packages)

Please pre-pay to receive discount. Session numbers and lengths will vary, and be counted by the minutes used, in 15-minute increments;  the following are just typical schedule examples. One “starter pack” per client/ pair. 

Small – 270 minutes (often used for Individuals):  For example, a 90-min. intake + three 60-min. followup sessions for $415 (4 sessions /270 minutes, normally $450, so a $35 savings)
Large – 330 minutes (often used for Couples):  For example, 90-min. joint intake + two 60-min. individual sessions + two 60-min. joint sessions for $500 (4 sessions / 330 minutes, normally $550, so a $50 savings)

REFER A FRIEND who becomes a client, and receive a $50 credit on your next session, plus my gratitude!

NEW MOM / DAD SPECIAL (babies under 1 year old)
First session:  Half price! I have a very soft spot in my heart for people in this challenging phase of life.

Again, I am unable to take insurance, unfortunately. I am happy to provide you with statements to use on your Health Savings Accounts. Payment in cash or by check at the time of service is appreciated; I do not do billing. If you’d like to use a credit or debit card, you can do that via PayPal at time of service; please see PayPal info below for details. 

And again, I do not prescribe or monitor medications of any kind. If you are wanting medications or management of them, you will need to see another practitioner for that; however, I am happy to be your stress management consultant whether or not you are taking medications.

DEEP RELAXATION MASSAGE FOR WOMEN: I only offer 90-minute massages, only for women, and schedule very few. The fee is $150 per session, and gift certificates are available. Sessions can include (as desired) dry brush exfoliation, herbal hot towel compresses, anti-inflammatory cream, rotary and/or percussive power tools, and full body Swedish and pressure point massage at the pressure depth you choose. 

PROFESSIONAL/ GROUP WORK: Please contact me for this information. Fees vary by group size, length of training, and many other variables. 

How to Use PayPal
PayPal is the main way I take payment for Zoom sessions (but actual paper checks in the mail are still an option, for you dinosaurs out there! ;-0), and the only way I can take credit card payments. PayPal can either draw from your bank account (which is free for both of us, if you use the “Family and Friends” option: please do!), or use your credit card (which will cost me a fee). I will ask you to please add $5-$10 to your payment if using credit, to cover my cost; I will specify this amount in the bill. You will need to set up a PayPal account, for either credit card use or for bank payments; just go to here, and then to make a payment to me, please send the payment to my email, which is: Please wait for me to send you a PayPal bill, so you know the accurate charge, and we don’t get our wires crossed. Thank you!