Yoga Nidra: Conscious Deep Relaxation

“Stress” has become a household word these days: even children are learning this name for the pervasive sense of pressure that shortens tempers, creates accidents, amplifies illnesses and obstructs creativity. Tension seems to be epidemic in our society. But how many of us have truly accepted the reality that stressors are unavoidable, and that our suffering is due to our reactions? The only cure available is self-control: learning how to take responsibility for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reactions to life’s changes. Change creates stress, and in our fast-changing world, we need effective tools to help us maintain a healthy balance.

Yoga Nidra offers one solution, woven of many different threads. An ancient Eastern practice, Yoga Nidra uses carefully guided imagery to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of tension that stress is made up of. Breathwork, progressive relaxation, affirmation and autogenics, or self-suggestion, are also incorporated. In addition, this presentation of Yoga Nidra also explores the medical viewpoints on stress, bringing elements of East and West together in our journey towards health and understanding.

This introduction to the practice of Yoga Nidra is designed for the layperson or health professional who wishes to better understand the causes, effects and management of stress. This specific, scientifically validated stress-reducing practice is taught and practiced, with ample opportunity for student participation. The central effects of Yoga Nidra are greater internal and external awareness, with decreased emotional reactivity.

Shifting gently between lecture and discussion, physical activity and stillness, this Yoga Nidra seminar engages the student in a holistic learning experience. Written notes are provided, freeing up the attention for full participation. Participants are encouraged to bring a pillow and blanket to cover up with. Participants with limited mobility may remain seated, with no loss of benefit.

FREE Audio Sample: A 6-minute Yoga Nidra Practice can be found here:
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