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I have been in practice as a mediator for many years in the Small Claims Courts and in the community, as a trained volunteer with Neighbor To Neighbor Mediation community agency. I have been a professional member of the Oregon Mediation Association, and have been featured as a speaker at two of their recent annual conferences in Portland. 

Mediation can be an excellent alternative to court, to problems not getting solved, to relationships that are struggling with conflict. In mediation, each party gets a chance to be heard fully by the other, often for the first time. Details of an agreement can be negotiated until both parties are satisfied. When an agreement is reached in mediation, there is a strong likelihood of compliance, because everyone had a say in what was decided. If your disagreement is headed towards court, mediation can save both parties considerable time, effort and money, as well as repercussions such as the strike on your credit record that may happen in a court case, or the damage to a relationship.

As a mediator, I do not give legal advice, and I do not take sides. I work to facilitate each party being heard by the other, and to creatively arrive at a solution that satisfies all parties. The presence of a mediator is often a powerful help in keeping a difficult discussion civil and productive.


Although I am available for other subject areas, I have two areas of special expertise and certification: Eldercare and Medical.

Eldercare Mediation

Eldercare Mediation encompasses any of the issues that may arise as we or our family members grow older: making the difficult decisions about housing, caregiving, safety, medical, finances, guardianship, ongoing relationships, and end-of-life choices, to name a few. Tensions and difficulty with clear communication can be enormously stressful for a family, adding to the troubles already difficult enough. As a mediator, I can help you have those necessary and desirable conversations; as a Registered Nurse and very experienced caregiver, I can deeply relate to your issues, as well as help inform you and find you the other community resources you need.  

Medical Mediation

Here again my nursing background is of great value, in combination with being certified in this mediation specialty. When the Oregon Legislature passed SB483 in 2013, the Oregon Patient Safety Commission Board of Directors announced the launch of “Early Discussion and Resolution (EDR) for Adverse Healthcare Incidents”— a process that gives Oregon patients and providers a new way to seek resolution when a patient has been seriously physically injured or has unexpectedly died during healthcare. My listing on the Commission’s website can be found here.

If you are stuck in a conflict, I encourage you to try mediation. Of course, both parties have to be willing to try; I may be able to help develop that willingness to start with. If the other party does not become willing, I can work with you towards strategies for a sense of peace for yourself. 

For more information on Mediation, please contact me for a free telephone consultation.