Consulting, Coaching and
Compassionate Communication (NVC)

“I strongly recommend Tina Taylor; she is by far the best consultant I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. To help me through a very difficult time in my life she taught me about Non-Violent Communication, meditation and other useful resources for dealing with my stress, anxiety, depression and anger, among other things. Through these resources I was able to change my life for the better and I will always be eternally grateful.” -J.D.

(from a client who moved away)
“Tina, It was fun to get an email from you.  I see you sitting in your slippers with a dog on your lap, and  I feel the warmth of your presence. The practice groups and our sessions together met many of my needs, most importantly the need to be seen and heard and my need to continue on  the path of NVC.  NVC is such a practical antidote to many of the most challenging things I find in this life.  Your grasp of NVC and  your ability to communicate it to many different people is a gift to this world.  NVC is trans-formative on many levels. Just thinking about doing NVC with prisoners overwhelms my sensibilities.  I possess a complete feeling of awe for the people  like you and your group who volunteer to do this important work.  
I hope your practice groups, your private sessions and your group classes attract many people.  Most people could use something this powerful in their lives.  I wish all therapists,  counselors, and coaches had a deep understanding of NVC.  Best wishes,Janeen”

“Tina Taylor has many talents.  Because of a recommendation from someone who was seeing her as a client, I joined a women’s group that she ran. Tina was a creative, playful, and skilled facilitator.  Because of my experience with her in the women’s group, I then decided to see her for personal consulting, and this is where she shined an even brighter light.  I found Tina to be very, very deep, very wise, and uniquely intuitive.  Her background in counseling, nursing, dancing, and spirituality blend to produce a perspective that is truly fresh, surprising, unique, which has been very, very helpful to me each time I talk with her.  I would recommend her as a group leader, a teacher, and consultant.  She has a solid reputation in our area for all areas! (She’s also very funny, which goes a long way in any setting!)” -Audrey Perkins, Corvallis, OR

“Thank you for our sessions. I feel stronger and more centered due to our work together.” – P.R., Corvallis, OR

“Tina speaks to the heart of the matter.  She is very professional while meeting the unique needs of each individual.  I took advantage of her package deal, which included yoga and consulting over the phone, as well as in person. She is careful in her use of language.  For example, I remember Tina saying that she discourages the word “should” and encourages the word “could” instead.  This has helped me on many occasions to keep me from judging myself too harshly.” -Karen Jean Canan, Corvallis, OR

“I first met Tina at a panel on life coaching, I was immediately drawn to her calm, peaceful way and set up a series of sessions to help with a recent career change and ailing parent.  With her encouragement and listening, I found my way and have become very successful in my job and balancing my home life.  Her style and approach was extremely comforting and healing for me.” -Kay C, Corvallis

“I would be happy to let you and anyone else know how much I appreciate learning about NVC. Though NVC is a brand new concept for me, I am thrilled that the Empathy Support Circle group is satisfying my need for hope and safety.  I have met new and interesting people who have listened, and been respectful when I needed to cry.  I knew I was being heard, understood and accepted by their insightful ‘guesses’ about the feelings and needs I was able to present, although my manner was very clumsy, indeed!  I did not know what to expect, but was quickly reassured during the very first meeting.” – K.S., Member of the COVIDEO group, May 2020 – June 2021

Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation

“Tina is Yoga — It’s wonderful to be in a class where the  instructor is not only advanced, not only compassionate, not only insightful, but allows for each student to obtain fitness goals.” (Timberhill Athletic Club yoga student)  -Sabrina, Corvallis, OR

“Tina Taylor has been my “Gentle Yoga” instructor for 4 months. I came to class as a 60 year old woman, new to yoga, out of condition physically, and emotionally drained. I found Tina’s class to be a very healing experience physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Tina teaches with a calm and gentle approach. She breaks down the positions slowly and smoothly. Anticipating where the tension, tightness and difficulties will arise with her students, she offers alternatives, to help us practice safely and effectively. Her focus on our breathing seems so important and is always there. She weaves in education on chakras, yoga nidra and self awareness throughout our practice.
Tina is always available before and after her classes to anyone with questions or in need of special help. She is very attentive to students with physical limitations. She is always on time and “present”. In talking with other students in my class, I often hear how much they respect they have for Tina and the benefits they are receiving from her class.
I hope to continue with yoga instruction from Tina as long as she is available to our community.” (Timberhill Athletic Club yoga student) – Mary H, RNP, Corvallis, OR

“I was seventy years old and a new person in town:  how to find appropriate health care?  Luckily I happened into Tina’s  yoga class and discovered her as a consultant and adviser.  I loved Tina’s yoga class: the way it exercised not just my body, mind, and spirit — but also my funny bone.  A trained nurse with a holistic attitude, she has given me useful information and provided valuable referrals to other professionals.   I’m grateful to her for helping me build a network of support and friendship in this community. ” (Timberhill Athletic Club yoga student) -JE, Corvallis, OR

“The timing was remarkable, the content so pertinent and gracefully delivered, and the impact so deeply felt…beyond words, really!” (attendee at Breitenbush Yoga Nidra retreat) – C. “Koots” Heinold, Breitenbush, OR

“Learning new dimensions, layers of Yoga Nidra. It is truly layered and takes time to get to the depth of true relaxation. Choosing to be ‘in silence’ allowed my mind to give up its verbal worries, helping me to be more Here and Now.  Every time I am around you I learn something valuable. Thank you for being here for all of us.” (attendee at Breitenbush Yoga Nidra retreat)  – Mary, Corvallis, OR

“Your background is so diverse that you covered many topics that were interesting to me, and helpful to me. It would have been fun to stay even longer! You have a very broad base of wellness experience and training – and it is all good stuff.”  (attendee at Breitenbush Yoga Nidra retreat) – Barbara Lynch, RN, Bend, OR

“Oh my, what a wonderful experience! Very personal journey of discovery; sharing with others, learning to feel inner self.” (attendee at Breitenbush Yoga Nidra retreat) -Judy Miller, Corvallis, OR

“Tina provides a calm, even fun atmosphere, with great sharing of experiences by participants.  She’s an organized teacher, and I loved her “You can do it – it’s simple and easy!” attitude.”  (Timberhill Athletic Club Meditation student), Corvallis, OR

“I came to your yoga class because I was experiencing back pain.  After several months of pain, and of trying one remedy after another – more exercise, stretching, hot soaks, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractors – I decided to try something new. After one hour of yoga with you, I felt considerably better.  It was clear, remarkably clear, that I had done something good for myself.  After a week of yoga with you, the pain was pretty much gone. Gone. Nobody I had turned to for months could do anything for me, and now everything had changed. My body could relax, and so could my mind.
And things got better. The things you’ve told us during class: about breathing, or standing, or about how we conduct our lives in ways that are unhealthy. More, however, is the way you bring everything together, encouraging us to be more whole as individuals. You simply remind us of the value of appreciating, integrating, and of living: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, the spiritual. You invite us, entice us, to find and tap into things we have yet to discover and apply in our lives. And now, that’s what I’m doing, what I’m seeking, more and more.
I think of the affirmation you say at the end of class: “May our thoughts be clear and wise; may our words be kind; may our hearts be open; and may all beings be liberated.” After about three weeks of class, I suddenly thought, “Oh, I get it.  This is what we’re doing here.  This is what it’s all about.”  The stretching and strengthening are only part of the effort. We’re here for body, mind, heart and spirit.To be entirely separated from all I do and think about, while at the same time being immersed and completely connected to everything around me…it’s an incredible insight to have realized this as a goal.
One of the highest compliments I think we can pay to someone is to call that person a teacher.  You are indeed, a teacher, and a great one.  Thank you.  Thank you.” (Timberhill Athletic Club yoga student) -David Bernell, Corvallis, OR

Linda Wiebenson wrote, years after moving away: “Hi Tina, I still think fondly of you. You’re the best yoga teacher I’ve ever known!”