Education: I have a BS in Nursing from Montana State University, graduating with Honors in 1981. I have a MS in Counseling from California State University of Pennsylvania, graduating with Honors in 1995. I practice under my Oregon license as a Registered Nurse, #099007913RN.

Below I provide information regarding the Oregon laws about Counseling, Massage, Nursing Scope Of Practice, etc., for my esteemed professional colleagues, or other citizens, who occasionally worry that I may be trespassing illegally on their turf and/or am a Danger To The Public, which is an understandable confusion for those who don’t research the issue thoroughly.


From the Oregon Revised Statutes for Professional Counseling:
“(3) The licensing requirements of ORS 675.715 to 675.835 do not apply to a person who is:
 (a) Licensed, certified, registered or similarly regulated under the laws of this state and who is performing duties within the authorized scope of practice of the license, certification, registration or regulation.”  (For example, my license as a Registered Nurse).
Also, this article may be interesting for you:


This is a link to the complete five-page text of the Oregon State Board of Nursing’s Board Policy on Complementary and Alternative Modalities and Nursing Practice. For your convenience, an excerpt from the intro:
“There are a number of therapeutic modalities that are intended to improve the health and wellbeing of clients. These modalities are those which licensed nurses may employ to increase comfort or relaxation, maintain, improve or restore health and harmony of the body, mind, and/or spirit, improve coping mechanisms, reduce stress, relieve pain and/or increase the client’s sense of well being.” (For example, my teaching of Compassionate Communication skills, stress reduction breath, movement, and meditation practices, or incorporating massage in my client care.)