This year, 2013, I’ll be once again offering Compassionate Communication / NVC (Nonviolent Communication) workshops, and I’ll use a new format this time: two half-day meetings, over two days. I hope this will help meet your needs for greater understanding and learning, giving you some time to absorb and try it out at home and to come up with real-life questions you can bring to class. Also, I hope it will be a little easier impact on your weekend to spread it out over the two partial days.

*Note: As every trainer has a unique perspective and style, and as the material is deep and rich, all “Intro” courses are not identical! I, for example, have taken at least 5, and I always learn something. All, beginners and continuers, are welcome.

WHEN:     Saturday 9:00 – 1:00, and Sunday 4:00 – 7:00
HOW MUCH:       $65 per person, $110 per pair registering together
EVEN BETTER:      Early Bird Registration by July 13: $55 each!
WHERE:    TBA  (Corvallis)

FALL:       October 12 & 13

Please click on COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION in sidebar for more information.

I am also very interested in reaching out to the smaller communities in the Valley. If you know of a welcoming place, or have a group you’d like a class to be held for, please let me know — I’m ready to hit the road! Also any pre-existing group you’d like to introduce to CC in Corvallis or Albany: parent groups, support groups, etc. ~ let me know!

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